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Recently we have introduced proximity type access control systems to many elevators in schools, office buildings, and apartment complexes.

This system consists of a small tag reader that would mount on the front of the hall button cover. The reader is 3" high x 1 " wide x " thick. The readers are small, durable, very well built, and mount securely to any flat surface. Each reader can be programmed to recognize up to 65,000 different tags. Each tag is uniquely coded so that individual tags can be added or deleted from the system at any time.

The cost of the proximity keytag is comparable to that of a standard house key. The tags are about the size of a small car alarm remote, however they are only 3/16 of an inch thick, and have no batteries or buttons. The tags are a solid plate of ABS plastic embedded with a passive electronic code, and can be hung on a key-chain. Additionally each tag is uniquely numbered for purposes of tracking or deleting tags as necessary.

This system is typically configured so that each landing button cover would be supplied with one reader. When the user wants to use the elevator, he, or she, would pass the tag in front of the reader. A small green led on the reader would light, and than the user would press either the up or down button. After a few seconds the green led will go out, and the call buttons will become deactivated.

Additionally, individual floors may be secured by installing a proximity reader in the elevator car. In this configuration, multiple floors may be secured so that you can allow different individuals access to different floors. For example in an apartment building, you may wish to restrict residents access to their floors only.

The advantage of this system is that there are no moving parts to wear, and if a tag is lost or stolen it can be easily deleted from the readers memory. With a typical key-switch system, the lock would have to be changed, and new keys issued to all users. Adding, or deleting a tag could be easily done by the maintenance or administrative staff at the facility.

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