Control Valve updating on ESCO L15 Hydraulic Pumping Unit.

ESCO L15 pump unit with original control valves.  Esco L15 with new EECO UV5A control valve.

Original  control valve.                                                              New Unitized Control valve.

The control valve on a hydraulic elevator is similar to the transmission, and gas pedal in your car. It controls the speed acceleration, slowdown and stopping of the elevator in both the up and down directions. In the photo on the upper left, the components from left to right are the pump motor, hydraulic pump, up valve, check valve, down valve, and the muffler.

In the photo on the right, the up valve, check valve, and down valve have all been replaced with one unitized unit that controls all of the functions of the original three valve components. On this pumping unit we have also added a line shut-off valve in the piping between the new control valve outlet and the jack unit.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth reliable operation for better ride.
  • Current proven technology

Two domestic manufactures of control valves for hydraulic elevators are EECO and  Maxton.

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